Kokomo-Con 2016 Wrap-Up

KOKOMO-CON 2016 has come to an end. Planning for KOKOMO-CON 2017 has been in the planning stages since September.

Here’s a re-cap:

(Approx) Attendance: 1,250

Charity Auction Earnings: $1,400 (Some items have not been picked up yet).

Two different newspapers published articles about the KOKOMO-CON, and media from several different outlets were on hand to cover the convention.

Philo Barnhart, this year’s Guest of Honor was a huge hit, and very possibly the most popular guest we have ever hosted.

The costume contest, as related to me by some pro cosplayers, had some of the very best costumes ever seen at the convention. One judge stated that it was getting harder and harder to pick winners as the quality gets better every single year.


  • Fans loved the variety of vendors that appeared at this year’s con.
  • The webpage needs more attention.
  • The costume contest is a big hit.
  • The charity auction was well run and organized well, and fans want to see a greater depth of items.
  • The Wi-Fi needs tweaked.
  • Snack bar on site was very busy, and fans seemed to like it.
  • Two rest areas were appreciated.
  • The last row towards the back of the convention was being missed by several fans that were cutting through the rest area, and not interacting with those booths. That situation will be rectified for next year, and the HOOSIER DANCE in particular will be upgraded next year if they choose to return.

Some vendors and fans thought it was strange there were not as many announcements this year. That has been explained in great detail elsewhere, but for clarity: We helped host a secret wedding this year, and we kept things a little quieter as to not interfere with the wedding. Nothing crazy, no secret conspiracy, just helped out a lovely couple.


Thanks go out from Austin and Shawn (we’re the promoters, HI!) to ALL our volunteers. Friends, families, and clubs all come together to help make this amazing.

Front End

  • Christina Hilton and her crew: Jamie Lamb, Joel Harsh, and they are backed up by amazing support from Heather Meissnest, who coordinates our front end with our retail section, with additional help from Jennifer, Dusti, and Brenda.

Interior Crew

  • Jeremy/Lacy Mundy, Humbert, Richie, Andy Jenkins, Ed, Rich, and Bobby.

Costume Contest Guru

  • Derek Irick

Charity Auction Chairman

  • Mark Enstrom (with help from the entire Enstrom family)

Vendor Load-In

  • Steve Dishon and the Taylor High School Graphic Novel club
  • Our good friend NATE and his entire crew


  • Dan Dougherty for providing us with an amazing wedding present to present to the newlyweds. It was greatly appreciated, and warmly received
  • Charles Moisant for coordinating the visit from Philo Barnhart, and arranging a last-minute surprise guest: Steve Geiger
  • Steve Geiger for being a last-minute guest
  • Unshaven Comics for their continued support
  • Raf, who is our Platinum Diamond Encrusted Limited Edition Signed and Re-marked Guest for Life
  • The Kokomo Event & Conference Center
  • Scott Jones, Minda Douglas, and Indiana University of Kokomo, for hosting Philo Barnhart for a special meet-and-greet on campus that was free to the public
  • The members of the 501st, The Finest, and the Indiana Cosplay Association
  • ALL of our vendors and creators for helping make this another wonderful KOKOMO-CON.We cannot do it without you.


  • The 1st Groovy Geek Gathering is Saturday March 18th, 2017 at the Kokomo Booster Club – 150 North Reed Rd., Kokomo, IN
  • Kokomo-Con 2017 is Saturday October 14th, 2017 (10AM – 6PM) at its home: The Kokomo Event & Conference Center – 1500 North Reed Rd., Kokomo, IN

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