2017 Kokomo-Con T-Shirts

Get your 2017 KOKOMO-CON shirt!

This high quality shirt is not only made in America, it’s made by a local business right in the heart of Downtown Kokomo: Expressions.


Small – XL: $20.00
2XL – 5XL: $25.00

  1. This shirt acts as your ticket into the show! Simply wear the shirt and you pay no extra admission fee. That’s right! $20 gets you the 2017 KOKOMO-CON t-shirt and that shirt is your ticket into KOKOMO-CON.
  2. The first three rows – possibly more – of the costume contest and all panels will be reserved for fans wearing the 2017 KOKOMO-CON tee.
  3. This tee is the Fast Pass to admission at KOKOMO-CON! KOKOMO-CON 2017 t-shirt wearers will have their very own line at the gates. This line will be given entrance to the Con before non-tee wearers.

KOKOMO-CON 2017 offers up two different colors for our fans to choose from:

  • Black Tee / White Print
  • Black Tee / Neon Green Print

These shirts can be purchased at Comics Cubed in Kokomo or via mail – please include an extra $3.00 for shipping and handling). When ordering, please include the shirt size, color option and shipping address.

Checks may be made payable to KOKOMO-CON and sent to:

121 East Sycamore

You can also send payment to via PAYPAL (please include an extra $3.00 for shipping and handling).

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